Release notes

What has been fixed by release


  • fix: reactivating the JFSFILE / JFSINODE collections until new core release is available to prevent missing features


  • fix: Python parser - header detection correction for nmon external monitoring
  • feature: Add df information for improved file system monitoring and storage capacity planning
  • fix: Perl parser issue - UARG parsing issue for AIX #5


  • fix: Python parser - preserve data ordering when possible during key value transformation


  • fix: Python parser issue - epoch time stamp incorrectly parsed for dynamic data #4


  • fix: corrections in (missing log_date function, check curl availability)


  • fix: from TA-nmon - AIX - Better management of compatibility issue with topas-nmon not supporting the -y option #43
  • fix: from TA-nmon - AIX - fix repeated and not justified pid file removal message #44
  • fix: from TA-nmon - ALL OS - code improvements #45
  • feature: from TA-nmon - Optimize nmon_processing output and reduce volume of data to be generated #37
  • fix: from TA-nmon - Linux issue: detection of default/nmon.conf rewrite required is incorrect #41
  • fix: from TA-nmon - Error in - bad analysis of external snap processes #42


  • fix: issue when using the –use_fqdn option (useless call to get_fqdn function, undesired output)